Strength Through Christ

phillippians413Needless to say, it’s been quite some time since I’ve posted regularly.  The other day, I ended my “hiatus” with a brand new post, remembering my father. Although I didn’t think of this on Mother’s Day, I feel it’s only appropriate to also reflect on my beautiful mom as well.  She was the rock of our family.  After Dad died, mom took the reins like a champ.  Continue reading Strength Through Christ

Father’s day good news and reflections . .

father blogIt’s been several years since dad passed away. Forty-five to be exact. I was 10 years old, yet the day is as vivid and fresh in my mind as ever. I won’t rehash every detail of that day or how it affected our lives growing up; but I will say, how very special it was to have my father for the short time he was with us, and how extremely grateful I am currently to have God in my life. He is the Father of all Fathers! Continue reading Father’s day good news and reflections . .