God Talks to Us: Are We Listening? By D. Linn Whorley | Cover Reveal

Whoo whoo! It’s cover reveal day for God Talks to Us: Are We Listening? by D. Linn Whorley.

This cover says it all. Children sitting, relaxing and thinking.

About, what else? A relationship with God (isn’t that what all children think about? At least that is my sincerely hope and prayer for the future of our children) ♡

But I digress…these particular children have been taught that God talks to all of us; so they are each concentrating on listening to what God has to say to each of them–individually.

Doesn’t the premiss of this picture book make you ponder what God is saying to you also?

Book cover reveal: God Talks to Us: Are We Listening? By D. Linn Whorley

God Talks to Us: Are We Listening?

Written by D. Linn Whorley (Illustrations by Childbook Illustrations)


Imagine, when we pray, it’s our way of talking to God, but have you ever wondered if God talks to us too? He does, He talks to all of us each and every day!

In this engaging children’s picture book, our kids learn some of the wonderful ways that God talks to us each and every day. Always listen to God, He knows what’s best for us all!

Ages 7 and up | Publisher: TinyDon Publications | March 2022

Look for the official release, March 28, 2022 — Feel free to share!

About the Author

D. Linn Whorley is a retired U.S. Army Non-commissioned Officer and the Author of, What I Want my Child to Know…A Mother’s Loving Advice, Prayers for Children: Bedtime & Otherwise! & Pray Everyday! (Volumes 1 & 2 in the Spirit Food Series) A devout Christian with a passion for Child Development & Teen Guidance, she is an empty nester and lives with her husband in Indiana.

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