God Talks to Us: Are We Listening? By D. Linn Whorley | Cover Reveal

Whoo whoo! It’s cover reveal day for God Talks to Us: Are We Listening? by D. Linn Whorley. This cover says it all. Children sitting, relaxing and thinking. About, what else? A relationship with God (isn’t that what all children think about? At least that is my sincerely hope and prayer for the future of…

Teaching Our Children To Pray!

Prayers for Children: Bedtime and Otherwise is a book written for all children.  I think we all can agree, prayer is needed now more than ever, especially with our current climate. Not only to give us a sense of strength but to arm ourselves with peace as we go about our daily to day activities….

We Are Secure In Christ!

One of my favorite psalms and my mother’s too! A while back she gave me her book (pictured above)— entirely devoted to Psalm 23. Below is an excerpt from the teaching: Why Does the Bible Say “The Lord is My Shepherd” in Psalm 23?” from Christianity.com

What’s New for Tinydon publications?

Recently Tinydon Publications released 2 new books on all Social Media Platforms! Prayers for Children: Bedtime & Otherwise hit the on-line sales market on August 15th!