TinyDon Publications

TinyDon Publications are geared toward growth and learning for children and young adults.

Purchase / Read the first publication in print from TinyDon Publications:

What I want my Child to Know…A Mother’s Loving Advice by D. Linn Whorley © 2011,

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What I want my Child to Know…A Mother’s Loving Advice, was written by D. Linn Whorley, with young adults in mind — to help facilitate a healthy understanding and subsequent avoidance of the pitfalls associated with the life learning process. This first work, published in October 2011, was published as a short run publication.

As a mother of 2 young adults, the author fulfills the desire to better enhance her child’s self-awareness of the potential issues associated with everyday life.

“These pages were born out of a concern for my child and his well-being after he left the comfort and security of our home; as a sort of handy reference guide to accompany and help him address and move beyond the issues associated with living everyday life. As I began writing, it became not only my desire to help my son, but also to help all children, one child at a time. If this work can help at least one person, I will have accomplished my goal.” ~ D. Linn Whorley  2011

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