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Pray Everyday!

Spirit Food Series – Volume 2 The companion book for “Prayers for Children: Bedtime & Otherwise!”

A heartwarming story of a little boy who is curious about why we pray. With the help of his mother, he learns first hand how and why we pray to God everyday!

This book is perfect for young Christian readers who are just learning the beauty and special bond that comes with having a loving relationship with God!

Follow along in Champ’s adventure as he learns to talk to God and discovers why!

Book Trailer – Pray Everyday! By D. Linn Whorley © 2020


Prayers for Children: Bedtime & Otherwise! A rhyming prayer book, that’s perfect for children ages 5 – 8.

Our world needs prayer, now more than ever, which is something our children should learn early on.

It encourages children to talk to God every day and to not only pray for themselves, but to pray for others too—encouraging family & prayer time AND strength in Christ.

Book Trailer – Prayers for Children: Bedtime & Otherwise! By D. Linn Whorley © 2020


To Inspire: A Collection of Inspirational “Quotes” to Dream, Learn and Live By . . . written, compiled and edited by D. Linn Whorley, Copyright © 2020.

A wonderfully appointed anthology with 200 motivational and inspirational quotations, specifically chosen to help you—GET INSPIRED!

“For the Dreamer: The one who dares realize their dreams”

Book Trailer: To Inspire! A Collection of Inspirational “Quotes” to Dream, Learn and Live By . . .

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