Teen Development – Teaching Your Teen Financial Responsibility

What should your teen be responsible for purchasing?  Better yet, at what age should you begin making your child or teen responsible for select purchases? Many parents begin teaching this lesson very early on, while others, in the name of “allowing their children to be children” will purposely cover all purchases no matter how small….

Child Development – How to instill Confidence in your Teen

With confidence, your child will tackle the world with ease! Fear and doubt will not exist nor be a part of your child’s vocabulary. When my son was a baby, I made a vow to ensure that I would always be there for him so he would always have confidence. So whenever he would cry,…

Your Newborn Baby’s First Week Home

I remember when I first brought my newborn baby boy home. It was so special having him finally with me in the flesh. He was soooooo cute 🙂 What a blessing! I was only blessed with one, so that child was spoiled to the brim! When we bring our little ones home it’s so exciting….