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Strength Through Christ

phillippians413Needless to say, it’s been quite some time since I’ve posted regularly.  The other day, I ended my “hiatus” with a brand new post, remembering my father. Although I didn’t think of this on Mother’s Day, I feel it’s only appropriate to also reflect on my beautiful mom as well.  She was the rock of our family.  After Dad died, mom took the reins like a champ.  Continue reading Strength Through Christ

Life Lessons – We are all connected…


So…I’m sitting here watching a wonderful Disney classic – “Pocahontas” for around the 5th or 6th time.

As I watch [many wonderful memories come to mind] priceless memories, of the times I’ve viewed this movie and so many other Disney Classics with my child so many years ago…

What beautiful words – Can you sing with all the voices of the mountain? Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

Many, many valuable lessons are taught within this wonderful film – Listen with your heart, you will understand. ~ Grandmother Willow

What a beautiful reminder for us all – to re-examine our views of one another and of every living thing…after all, we are all connected to each other, in a circle, in a hoop that never ends. ~ Pocahontas ♡

Have you seen this movie?  I’d love to know which is your favorite part, or lyric.

As always, until next time ~

D. Linn Whorley