Child Development – Study your kids


Originally posted December 6, 2011

Earlier last month I spoke regarding the importance of nurturing our children with respect to their development.

In raising our children, it is our responsibility as parents to study them daily. In addition, studying child development as a discipline, or formal course of study, can help parents better understand how to communicate with children who have very different personalities.

Studying and understanding your child’s growth and development is extremely important in teaching young children, because we all know that there are no two children alike.  Children differ in so many ways, physically, cognitively, socially, and even their emotional growth.

Think about your children, or even some of the children you know from your neighborhood.  Each and every one is different.  Some will be extremely happy each time you see them and others, not so much.  Some children are always on the move and others are typically quiet and withdrawn.  With these different personalities in children, you may even feel that some children are just a bit easier to like than others…basically, some are a lot easier going than others, which makes your task in caring for them a bit easier; however, this is not all conclusive, you will encounter all kinds of personalities in children, so it is best to learn howto learn from our kids by simple observation and teach them accordingly.

In order to help each child, it is imperative that we understand their development which is basic to guiding them from a very young age.  Suffice it to say that healthy child development, begins with healthy human contact. It is so extremely important for a child to have a loving, caring, nurturing caregiver.  As they need to know they can depend on you. They need trusting relationships, and will thrive in an environment that is structured, predictable and AGAIN nurturing.

Until next time…I would love to know your thoughts.

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