Child Development – 7 Reasons to Involve Your Child in Sports!!

1)  If exercise becomes a part of your child’s regular routine, it will teach them the importance of staying fit. Staying fit, coupled with heathy eating will teach your child how important it is to stay fit as they grow older. It can become a very positive habit.

2)  It will increase their Self Esteem

When your child plays sports with other children it helps them to realize they are a part of a team and builds a sense of accomplishment.
This sense of accomplishment, along with your encouragement will develop your child’s confidence and create a positive self-image.

3)  It will helps them learn to set goals

When you child begins competing with other children individually or as a part of a team, they will begin to develop the desire to set goals. Ie: I want to win this time, or we are going to win this time. Well, if I’m going to be a winner I have to prepare. This type of mindset will help them in all aspects of their lives. If they want to do well in school they will begin to want to prepare by studying more! It’s a win win.

4)  Exposure to the concept of Teamwork

When you child is a part of a team they are automatically introduced to the team concept. You know in most situations a person who is a team player will go farther then those who are not. This should be instilled early in life so that it becomes second nature.  You will even notice this is evaulated as early as Kindergarten. Such as: You chiild works well with others…In addition this type of mindset in sports lets your child see that their actions selfless or selfish have a direct impact on the team, so the begin to understand how their actions can effect others which is a very important lesson to learn. Always strive to teach your child to be a team player additionally, be sure to make sure that you are displaying a good example in this area, as it can rub off on your child.

5)  Involvement in sports will help your child to develop time management skills.

By adding sports as an extracurricular activity to your child’s daily routine, it will aide in the development of much needed time management skills. This in turn will teach them how to prioritize tasks and skills. These are things that they will quickly see value in completing first. You can help them by sitting down and making out a daily schedule for them based on importance of activities.
You could provide examples by stressing that doing homework prior to going out to play will help them development the mindset of pay now and play later. Work before fun. This is important. Have you ever seen a grown man or woman, still trying to determine what they want to do in mid-life. This for the most part should be determined early so that they can enjoy later years…Pay now and play later – versus playing now and paying later.

6)  Exposure to dealing with adversity

Let’s face it, your child should know and realize that everyone makes mistakes and everyone has some sort of problem; however, the way your child deals with or handles those mistakes will have a direct impact on their later happiness.  Remember, it’s not the mistake that counts it’s what you choose to do or the attitude you have following the mistake that matters.  Attitude will always determine altitude.

7)  It’s fun 🙂

Fun will always begat fun. Plain and simple. As well, fun is positive, no matter how you slice it. Sports and teamwork will give your child lifelong memories and experiences to draw from throughout life!

~  Just food for thought. As always I would love to know your thoughts!

D. Linn Whorley

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