Teaching your Child to Be a Giver

Give me this! Give me that! I want this! I want that! This is what most kids will say this time of year. However, Jesus and giving is the Reason for the Season!

During this time of year, it is easy for kids to become accustom to receiving, but the Holiday Season can also provide an excellent opportunity for you to introduce your child to the priceless rewards that come along with being a giver.

Let’s just say that teaching your child to become a giver is one of the best gifts you can give them and it is a gift that will assuredly keep on giving.

Below are traits of the true giver, which you can instill in your child to help them value gift giving:

Give with Grace –

“Grace” is the ultimate gift; it is selfless, something that is given freely, and not earned – it has no ulterior motive.

Grace is at the heart of every true gift. Without it, even the most expensive of gifts becomes cold and heartless.

It is impossible to give with grace if you’re thinking of yourself first! Or if your gift comes with strings, or sends a mixed signals to the recipient.  Suffice it to say that there’s no grace in the coerced gift.  One that is given reluctantly because it expected…

Give year-round –

It is so important to bring the idea of giving into our lives all year round, as it (giving) shouldn’t end after the Holiday Season ends.

Does your child see you give to charities the needy during the rest of the year?  If not, think about the type of message that are you sending them. It could be that giving and the need for giving is only reserved for Christmas.

Give in secret –

The Bible says to make sure your right hand doesn’t know what your left hand is doing.  Jesus, is a great teacher, who, in His Word, exposed the fallacy of the ostentatious giver – one in which giving only depends upon who is watching; so also teach your children to give in secret, and be sure to explain to them that it is not a true gift when we expect gratitude, appreciation, or attach strings.

In truth, gifts should be given to relieve a need; to share the abundance of our Blessings, and to illustrate to others the good that we find in the world….so with that…..giving with grace is reward enough!

Finally, give your children the chance to experience sacrifice in order to give. Even the smallest sacrifice on your child’s part will sustain the lessons learned in giving. Your child’s sacrifice could include giving up candy for a day.  As a parent, you can join in by giving up lunches out.  Additionally, the entire family can agree to give up dessert or forego movie rentals etc. as a family discipline and donate the money saved to charity.

Just food for thought, as usual I would like to know your thoughts…

~ D. Linn Whorley

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