Cherish Your Kids – They Grow Fast

Enjoying quality time
Enjoying quality time

If you are a new parent, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed; this may continue for some time, but rest assured you will get the hang of it and will soon notice that you are getting a nice routine down packed.  Well, seemingly operating on “autopilot” That certainly was my experience. Below I’ve listed a few ideas that may help lesson any anxiety felt as a new parent and may help you to enjoy parenting as your kids grow and mature.

  1. Be present in the moment.  Your child will grow up soon enough, so you want to embrace every aspect of parenting and all milestones, every day you will notice a new skill your child has learned, and you do not want to miss out of those memories, rushing your child to grow up.
  2. Get plenty of rest when you can. The general rule is to sleep when your child sleeps, if you have the opportunity.  Studies have shown that when parents are fatigued, this can affect their overall well being, as well as their ability to respond to their children with sensitivity and confidence. Fatigued parents also show more frustration and irritability toward their kids, which means that it’s all the more important to learn how to cope with it.
  3. Take your-self and your child a little less seriously.  Of course you should monitor your child’s safety at all times, but don’t over do it i.e.: the helicopter parent.  Sometimes this can be a bit much and will not allow your child to build their independence.  Just remember less is always more.
  4. You and your child are “in it” together.  Face it, first time parenting is a big change in ones routine.  Even beyond the baby years, kids become more challenging as they grow ie: discipline, homework, activities.  Through it all,  bad or difficult times don’t last long, and before you know it your child will be grown. So embrace each other and build a happy healthy lasting relationship which your child into their adulthood.
  5. Lastly, if you feel like you’re not enjoying taking care of your children as much as you’d dreamt you would, try to free up time, where you can have quality time to really enjoy one another, in the absence of chores and have to’s.  Just let your housecleaning go for a day or so, each week, cancel less important appointments and maybe reduce some of your child’s scheduled activities. Remember, these years with your child, taking care of them and watching them grow, is a once in a lifetime activity, so take it all in and enjoy it!

Blessings to you. If you have children, comment below and let me know if you have other ideas for spending quality time with your children. 😉 xoxo’s ~ D

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