What I want my Child to Know . . . A Mother’s Loving Advice” — Now on Audible!

ANNOUNCEMENT—New Audio Book for teens and young adults – Available Now on AUDIBLE 🎧,

Here’s to finally getting back to doing what I love! ✍🏾📚

I’m very happy to announce the release on my new AUDIOBOOK:

“What I want my Child to Know . . . A Mother’s Loving Advice” Over the years, I’ve received so much positive feedback on this book, it just made sense to put it to audio! This is such a special book, it was my first publication and was initially intended for my son, but while writing, I decided to share with the world, for all young people, as they enter the world of adulthood ♡

For those of you who haven’t had a chance to read the book please consider buying a copy for your young adult. It is a thoughtful meditation resource with candid, practical teaching and biblical principles to start our kids off on the right track. A must have for all young adults, covering various topics from Self-respect to Relationships, as well as Marriage and Finances, Safety, Health and Well-being and more…this book exudes love!

~ D. Linn

**Available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook editions, wherever on-line books are sold!

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Click the link below and have a listen!


Purchase on Amazon

Or Barnes and Noble (paperback or nook)


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