Developing your Child’s Self-Esteem – Part 3 of 3 part Blog Series


Originally Posted February 19, 2012

Developing your Child’s Self-Esteem

Part 3 of 3 part Blog Series

Last week we covered various ways to promote high-self esteem or self-worth in your children, while being sensitive during critical moments. Finally, I want to share different ways to teach your child not only how to make good decisions but also how to recognize when he or she has made a good decision.

You may be surprised to know that often times, children make decisions but are not always aware that they are doing so. There are a number of ways that we as parents can help our children improve their ability to make sound decisions.

  • Help your child to clarify a problem where a decision is needed.  Such as asking them certain questions that will help them zero in on how they see, hear and feel about that situation.  This will help them better decide what to do.
  • In order to do this, you can help them brainstorm possible solutions (there is usually more than one solution or choice. Parents can help by pointing this out to their child.)
  • You can also allow your child to choose one of the possible solutions. Remember the best solution will both solve the problem, while making your child feel good about themselves.
  • Later on you can revisit the situation by evaluating the results. Such as, did it work out? or fail? If so why? Reviewing will help your child make a better decision next time. In the military this is called an “after action review”

In doing the above you are also helping to develop a positive approach to providing structure for your child, as all children need structure.

You can also help your child develop high self-esteem by helping them learn to focus on their strengths by pointing all the things that they can do.

Teaching them to always think well of them selves (positively) that way others will treat them the same.

Help them to think in terms of other alternatives instead of thinking in terms of only one solution for satisfaction.

Laugh often with your children and teach them to laugh at themselves; lightheartedness is a positive trait and helps one to deal with many different situations without stress.

I hope these tips have been helpful to you.  As always, I am interest in knowing your thoughts…or experiences regarding this topic.

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